I've read a few articles about overcoming obstacles. Each of them were inspirational pieces that addressed the issue in terms of finding motivation, becoming stronger through adversity and staying goal oriented. All good stuff, and I think that anyone who writes on the subject needs to mention these aspects. This article, though, is a bit different. I want to address the phenomenon of internal resistance and its relationship to time. What is it that makes you feel that you don't want to workout? What force is it that leads you down the path of procrastination? What makes you eat the wrong foods, again and again? It isn't enough to call it laziness. It is insufficient to consider it sloth. The very next time you feel unmotivated, the next time you are about to give in to an irrational craving, quiet your mind and observe your feelings. There are answers within that quietude. Experts in the field of psychology can no doubt help each individual find the "sore spots" within themselves. Areas within each person's psychological makeup that may cause procrastination and apathy, the supreme forms of self sabotage. The root causes of this self destruction are numerous, varied and individuated among people. I submit that you don't need to find the causes of self sabotage in order to find a good reason to spring into action. What you need is to extend your timeline. When you fail to act, or act incorrectly, you are acting on a view of time that is brief. If you eat that donut that you know you shouldn't be slamming down your sliding pond, it's probably because you're only thinking about the next 8 minutes. If you dare to project further into the future, you'll come upon the regretful thoughts eating that donut will bring. When you don't feel like training, think about how you'll feel the next time you look in the mirror, or how you'll feel when your friends invite you to the beach. The only influence you can exert on the future is through your action in the present. Look into the future with honesty and courage. You will become the sum of your actions in the here and now. The first taste of that sugary sweet is a paltry payoff for the feelings of powerlessness and regret you'll have to endure later. Develop long range vision as a tool for overcoming the temptations that come to you daily, and you'll find yourself happier with who you are and what you do.