My experience and  methods are quite diverse. I started weight training in the classic bodybuilding fashion, then,once I gained some needed weight, moved on to powerlifting and weightlifting. I continued studying and practicing almost exclusively in these  modalities until I began training in the martial arts and military style PT (calisthenics, running, swimming). I have extensive experience in implementing the strength/speed/endurance periodization paradigm as applied to: sprinting, kickboxing, hockey, football, baseball, volleyball, skiing , track and field events and wrestling. I have been studying nutrition, food science, meal planning and the use of supplements in depth since I started training; I apply the knowledge I've gained to my clients programs. As those who've trained with me can tell you, I develop programs to suit the needs of the individual; these programs can be quite original and unique. It has been a long road, and I feel like a perpetual student. My thirst for knowledge seems unquenchable. It occurs to me that, although I have many interests, my love for the training lifestyle and mindset is boundless. My desire to learn is as great now as it was when I was a beginner. I truly believe that I can do my part to improve the world by spreading the word about the value of exercise and skill development.