You've decided to hire a personal trainer to help you reach your goals. It's usually smart to get the advice of a professional, rather than grope in the dark on your own. It's also easier to follow the programs given to you by your trainer, taking a "your the boss" attitude instead of trying to figure out why you're being asked to eat and train a certain way.. Beware: what is easiest is not always best. The best way to get the most out of your time with a trainer is to consider the whole exchange to be a life changing, learning experience. You should consider your trainer a teacher and guide, as you learn to change your habits and ways. Allow me to explain this succinctly through the two main components: exercise and nutrition. Your trainer will give you exercises to perform. Learn about them, ask questions, but take the additional step of absorbing the habit of exercise. What I mean is , don't simply workout as prescribed and then go on about your sedentary ways.Take the exercise prescriptions as primary lessons in becoming a more active person. Learn to think as an exercise enthusiast. Take pleasure in feeling strong and energetic, and doing something to build upon those feelings every day. Having a trainer to teach you is an important first step in developing a mindset that will allow you to lead a healthier life, but you must take an active role. You must desire the change, from a confused person with desire to a knowledgeable person with goals. When you are given meal plans, you should do more than just follow them , expecting to benefit if you just follow them to the letter. That is where you should start, but you must pay attention to the kinds of foods in your meal plans, and start eating in that style , even when you can't follow the plan exactly due to circumstances. You must not revert to the type of eating that got you into trouble in the first place. Make the effort to understand what you are being asked to do. If you want maximum results, you must take responsibility for yourself. If you don't, you're setting up an excuse for failure before it happens. Give this some thought : the elaborate and sneaky ways we can set ourselves up for self destruction, and never really take responsibility. Learn to be active, to put more emphasis on moving. Learn to eat healthy foods appropriate to your goals. Ask questions, learn to say no to your former ways. Have the courage to erase your past mistakes with correct action in the present, and you'll be working with your trainer rather than training for him.