We've all heard the saying " What is bad for you feels good", "Being bad feels good" , or some variant of this. We have this thought chanted to us mantra-like throughout pop culture. The mindlessness of it is painfully difficult to endure, because it is half-truth. The other half is that it feels good to be good, but in a different way. Drinking, smoking, sugar eating (we should call that desserting), these activities are intoxicating. Literally in-toxicating. The brain swirling, body numbing, tongue tingling effects of pouring toxins into your body is definitely a thrill ride. You race up and fall down, stumble sideways and when it's over, you know you've done something wrong. Still, you can rationalize it away by emphasizing how high you got from puffing that cigarette with a brandy in your hand while chewing on that tiramisu. Aye, but here's the rub: there's more. How great do you feel when you're breathing the fresh air in the woods? How strong are you as you hike up a mountain? Can you describe the glow you emit after a workout and a shower? When your heart and lungs are healthy, when your skeletal muscles are strong, when your mind is alert and relaxed, when your organs function transparently, when your skin is clean and radiant, your worries and cares diminish. Good health makes it possible to survive difficulties more easily, to feel less drained by life's vicissitudes, and push yourself forward more readily when things get tough. If you've never felt that good then you need to find out what it's like quickly, because this is the feeling of life and living. This is the powerful, sexy, animal package that advertisers promise you at every turn, but the secret is that only you can generate it from within yourself. It feels good to treat yourself well. It does wonders for your attitude when you give yourself the consideration you would give to a welcome house guest, instead of the carelessness with which you would treat a garbage bag. Strong, confident and self assured is not worse off than drunk, fat and coughing. Detoxification through exercise and proper nutrition is the shedding of poison from the body.How can this not feel good? The north and south poles of a magnet are equally attractive in opposite ways. Likewise, ridding your body of poison feels just as good as putting it in , but in the opposite way. Don't believe the half-truth. It feels great to be good.